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Preserving Champagne After the Bottle Is Opened

Without a doubt, champagne is a great thing to have around during special occasions, and it would be sad to pour any of its leftovers down the drain once it has lost its fizz. Now, there will be no need to do this, as there are several ways to keep an open bottle of champagne fresh longer.

Put the bottle in the fridge

This is the most effective way to keep an open bottle of champagne fresh for longer periods. As you can see, carbon dioxide makes champagne bubbles and it is more soluble in cold liquid, which means that when a bottle of champagne becomes warm, its bubbles will force themselves out—going flat very quickly. If there is no during dinner, put the wine in an ice bucket before and after serving. Bottom line is, you should keep it cold all the time!

Use a champagne stopper

There is a plethora of inexpensive champagne stoppers on the market, but you should choose one with an inner rubber ring and hinged side flaps that would firmly grip the bottle. When using a stopper, store the bottle upright to avoid spilling, but if you want to lay it flat in the fridge, you can use a sealer. Take note that champagne stoppers work well with standard bottles, but not all sparkling wine.

Do not transfer it to a smaller container

While it is effective for white and red wine, transferring champagne to a smaller container is not recommended for champagne. Remember that the process would lose the carbon dioxide or bubbles, actually making it faster for an open bottle to go flat.

Insert a metal or silver spoon into the bottle

Sparing you the lengthy details of the experiments to validate if this ancient practice, this is stated to be an effective way to preserve bubbles in an opened bottle of champagne. However, this technique is still debated, and whether it is effective or not, there is no transgression in trying this method to keep an open bottle of champagne fresh longer.

Withal, a definite way to really will help preserve champagne’s fizz is keeping it cold, as this is a great element to preserve carbon dioxide, especially in liquids. If your wine starts out cold and stays that way, chances are it will retain its bubbles. Most importantly, make sure you buy good champagne, such as what we offer here at Angel Champagne, which are not just delicious and bubbly, but are also created according to the extensive rules and guides extant for creating the beverage champagne. Taking note what the famous American chemist and food columnist Robert L. Wolke said, “In order for a dissolved gas to escape from a liquid, the gas molecules must have a microscopic speck of material (a nucleation site) upon which to congregate until there are enough of them to form a bubble. The main reason that true champagne stays bubbly longer is that it is extremely clear and speck-free.”