Luxury Champagne

Serving Champagne The Right Way

Champagne is synonymous with parties and get-togethers. That said, you don’t just open a bottle of champagne then serve it – there is an art to pouring bubbly.

Storing is key

Champagne is best stored in a cool place, especially before you serve it. If you love drinking wine as well, this tip comes in handy too. Both wine and champagne needs to be stored in cold (but not too cold) conditions. It’s even best to store these drinks in an area where there is little contact with direct light. Not only that, you also have to make sure that there is little variation in temperature in the room as well. This is why basements that stay between 40ºF and 60ºF (4ºC-15ºC) are considered the ideal places to store champagne.

Horizontal storing is best

When storing champagne, make sure to do it in a horizontal position. Why should this be the case? Doing so allows the cork to stay moist which is crucial in keeping air out and keeping gas in. Doing this ensures that the flavour and bubbles in your champagne are maintained.

Chill before serving

Apart from making sure that champagne is stored in a cool location, you also need to chill the drink before serving to your guests. The simple reason behind this is that champagne tastes better when it is cold. Or, a more simple way to put it: the colder the drink is, the better the taste. Another reason to do this is so your champagne doesn’t bubble over (or less likely to do so) when you open it. When it comes to drinking temperature, the ideal value is between 45ºF and 48ºF (4ºC-15ºC). Or, you can chill your champagne four hours or more in your refrigerator (chilling for this long gets your drink to its ideal temperature range). But if the champagne isn’t cold enough and your guests have arrived, simply take an ice bucket (a bowl or vase will work too) then fill it with ice then put water in it. Place the bottle inside then spin it for about five minutes (you have to do this non-stop because doing so chills the drink much faster than sticking it in the freezer).

Glassware matters

Champagne is typically served in a flute (the tall, narrow glass) but that is not exactly the best way to enjoy it. One of the best ways to drink champagne is out of a burgundy glass because after all, champagne is still wine. A flute doesn’t have that much surface area which means the drink can’t open up as much. Plus, the aromatics of champagne are lost when served out of a flute.

Hear nothing when opening a bottle

While you may enjoy the popping sound, the best way to open a bottle is to hear little to nothing at all. Pouring is right is vital as wellChampagne that is poured incorrectly loses its distinctive, bubbly taste. The best way is to pour it quickly until the foam races to the top of the glass. After that, wait a few seconds until it dissipates. After that, pour gently until you fill the glass.

With these tips, you can enjoy a glass of bubbly the best way possible.