How to Have a Fun Champagne-Themed Party

If you love champagne, it is most likely that you look forward to special celebrations because you have a reason to enjoy bottles of bubbly with family and friends. The sparkling wine certainly makes the event more fun and memorable. But why wait for a special occasion to indulge in your passion? Why don’t you have a party just because you want to celebrate champagne? Here are some great ideas to plan a fun and relaxing get-together with fellow ‘bubbly’ people.

1. Make it a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) party. This way you can focus on preparing the other essentials and even save a few pounds. Ask everyone to bring their favourite sparkling vino. It will be an interesting challenge to try all the varieties. Just make sure you have enough glasses and ice buckets situated in different stations.

2. Be innovative when it comes to your ice buckets. Utilise your kitchen sink! This will be helpful if your place is quite space-limited. For outdoor celebrations why don’t you use a wheelbarrow or an inflatable kiddie pool? They’ll keep the bottles cold and serve as fun decorations too.

3. Delight your guests and get them into the mood from the moment they step into your venue by filling the place with amazing party décor. Fill the floor and ceiling of a room with champagne-coloured balloons so everyone feels like they are surrounded by giant bubbles from a popped bottle of sparkling vino.

4. Prepare champagne-themed desserts. Champagne gelatin with whipped cream and champagne-flavoured cupcakes are some recipes that can tickle the taste buds and add more energy to the event (sugar rush, anyone?).

5. Don’t be too strict with the glasses. Wouldn’t it be fun to use an assortment of coupes, flutes, teacups, and other containers? You can even ask guests to customise their own glass by decorating it with ribbons, markers, beads, and what-not. They’ll enjoy using it during the party and can take it home as souvenirs.

6. Prepare a DIY bar. Everyone can enjoy creating their own concoctions and you can even have a contest on who makes the best drink. Supply it with fruit slices, cotton candy, frozen berries on skewers, fruit juices, stirrers, napkins, flavoured sugar cubes, and other essentials. Don’t forget to put labels on everything.

7. Have a champagne trivia contest. Test who knows the most facts about sparkling vino and give the winner a bottle of your finest bubbly as a prize.

8. Cool your drinks in even more fun ways by using ice cubes with different shapes or flavours. You can buy ice trays that make fun frozen designs.

9. If you’re feeling generous, surprise your guests with a party favour box filled with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and chocolates or candies.

10. Don’t forget the hors d’oeuvres. The great thing about everyone’s favourite sparkling drink is it pairs well with almost any food, so you can be more adventurous with what you serve.

Champagne parties don’t always have to be formal and planned down to the last detail. Sometimes, they can be spontaneous, fun, and laid-back. After all, a bottle of bubbly is best enjoyed when everyone is having a good time.